International Specialized exhibition of the real estate Market of the real Estate-2008 passes twice in a year in spring and autumn on the prestige and technically equipped exhibition grounds of Kiyv. Time of conducting of exhibition is on the periods of seasonal growth of business activity at the market of the real estate.  The participants of exhibition are large Ukrainian and foreign developers, investment, build and insurance companies, jars, noncommercial professional associations, representatives of press are the best magazines, newspapers, anchorwomen internet portals, devoted the real estate.

On V to the spring International specialized exhibition Market of the real Estate-2008 leading companies were presented from France, Bulgaria, England, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Russia, which with gladness will arrive to us and in autumn. In the professional situation of show-room of INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE you will be able to get the detailed consultation from specialists and consider various suggestions is new or second habitation, out-of-town or foreign real estate, and also projects of houses in the stage of building, commercial objects, investment objects and etc The participants of exhibition will give you professional consultations about that, how it is correct to buy, lease and manage the real estate, about the most advantageous methods of investing and crediting.

Professional translators will help you at socializing with international participants.  On an autumn exhibition, organizers, large attention is spared the questions of the mortgage crediting. The purchase of the real estate through a mortgage to date is considered most progressive and reliable, and for majority of lyudey - by the unique method of decision of housing question. Remains only to pick up the most optimum mortgage program, taking into account currency of credit, rates and terms, suitable exactly to you.

The business program of exhibition includes conferences, seminars, round table, on the aktual'nym problems of market of the real estate, and will be interesting and useful as to the specialists on the real estate so to the visitors, interested in one or another operation.

We invite leading specialists in the field of the real estate to accept active voice in an exhibition and conference!